About us

We are a public sector institute founded in 2008 belongs to the Ministry of Healthcare, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine. We include almost all medical and surgical specialties related for the treatment of renal diseases. The NINDT serves as a tertiary care referral centre for Nephrology. We offer comprehensive service to patients with kidney diseases.

To become a regional reference centre for Nephrology in Asia

To become a regional reference centre dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases by focusing on patients and bringing its care, teaching, research and planning activities to the maximum level of quality possible using motivated staff appropriate evidence based technology.

> Optimal utilization of available resources
> Improvement capacity and quality of services
> Acquire facilities to improve available services


  • To develop NINDT to world standard
  • To form network of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation units in suitable healthcare settings of the country monitored by NINDT
  • To develop policies and make recommendation to Ministry of Health in the area of nephrology
  • To become national level training centre which train staff of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation
  • To provide transplant services to all needy patients
  • To provide life support to all patients awaiting for renal transplantation
    To conduct research in related fields

Organizational Chart